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Are Concrete or Terracotta Roof Tiles Better for My Roof?

Roof tiles are Australia’s most popular choice of roofing material. They come in a range of colours and profiles and offer great value for money. Both concrete and terracotta roof tiles come in a comprehensive range of on-trend colours and in both modern and classic profiles.

Concrete roof tiles are made from selected concrete, sand and pigments. The concrete used is made to strict specifications and independent testing shows that concrete actually becomes stronger and less porous with age, which is why it is used to build bridges, roads and skyscrapers. With added features such as seamless A-lien ridging, concrete tiles can create the ultimate, sleek, clean-line look.

Terracotta roof tiles have been in use for centuries throughout most of the world and it is not uncommon for them to provide more than century of service. Terracotta roof tiles are a natural, kiln-fired clay product that provides a strong, high quality roofing material and good looks and long-lasting resistance to the elements. The fired-in colour of Terracotta roof tiles will never fade and their vitreous coating makes them impervious to moisture, harsh UV rays and corrosive airborne pollutants.

Depending on your specific needs, we will have a roof tile in either concrete or terracotta that suits your taste to a T.

Yes, concrete and terracotta roof tiles are impervious to frost and ice and are therefore ideal for those living in colder climates. Made from durable materials, they will never warp, no matter how cold it gets.

Yes. Concrete and terracotta are poor conductors of heat and cold. As a result, roof tiles provide improved insulation when compared to some other roofing materials. The colour of your roof will also affect its relevant thermal insulation performance.

The raw materials used to manufacture tiles are non-toxic. The water that runs off a tiled roof is potable; however, other factors including atmospheric fallout needs to be taken into consideration, and, the inclusion of a ‘first flush diverter system’ is recommended.

All roof tiles manufactured over the past decade come with a 50-year structural performance guarantee that the tiles will not warp, become porous, corrode or be affected by salt or frost. Additionally, Terracotta roof tiles also come with a 50-year, colour guarantee.

Sarking is a type of foil lining for your roof that is highly recommended for all roofing types including terracotta and concrete roof tiles. Sarking provides insulation and can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat away from the roof space on a summer’s day. Conversely, combined with the thermal properties of concrete and terracotta roof tiles, sarking will also help to retain warmth during colder months, improving the overall energy efficiency of your home all year round. Sarking also assists in sealing dust out of your home environment, and improve fire safety.

Benefits of using Sarking:

  • Reflects up to 95% of radiant heat entering your roof space
  • Provides added thermal insulation all year round
  • Stops condensation – minimising the chance of staining and mould growth on your ceilings
  • Effective dust barrier – reducing airborne dust entering your home
  • Fire safety – prevents burning embers entering the roof space
  • Provides additional weather protection during severe storms

With rising energy costs, a roof that will help maintain an even climate in your home, no matter how hot or cold the outside temperature might be, is an important consideration. Roof tiles are an excellent choice because their natural density helps to even out temperature fluctuations by storing and then slowly releasing retained temperatures during the day and night.

Regardless of the thermal mass advantage tiles offer, the most crucial factor in maintaining a consistent temperature within your home is insulation. Proper insulation assists with energy efficiency, preventing heat from entering your roof space in the summer and keeping the heat from leaving during the winter.

Yes, the colour of your concrete tiles will fade and weather over time. This coating is purely decorative, and plays no role in any protective or waterproofing function. Over several years, the colour coating of your tiles may take on a more subdued, matt appearance because of the effects of air pollution and powerful UV rays from the sun. This change in appearance has no effect on the tiles performance or its structural adequacy.
Terracotta tiles, however, do not fade as the colour is baked into the tile.

The painting of terracotta tiles is not recommended; however, unglazed terracotta tiles can be painted but once painted, they will require ongoing recoating.

Yes – Monier SOLARtiles are the first BIPV roofing product of its kind in Australia and are supported by the largest roofing material supplier in Australia. SOLARtiles are about maintaining the look of your home in an aesthetically pleasing way, saving money on your energy bills and saving the environment.

There is no such thing as no maintenance when it comes to roofs. The number one maintenance issue is cleaning the gutters, downpipes and valleys of your roof. Gutters, downpipes and valleys can become easily built-up with debris such as leaves and twigs from trees.

When gutters, downpipes and valleys become blocked, a build up of water occurs, overflowing back into the roof. This can create an enormous amount of water damage. This kind of build up also represents a potential fire hazard as dry leaves and twigs are extremely combustible. This is easily preventable by regular check to make sure your gutters, downpipes and valleys are free of debris. Check and clean your roof at least once a year; twice if you live in a particularly tree lined area.

By regularly maintaining your roof, you will go a long way in preventing any major problems occurring.

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