Roof Leak: A Powerful Reason To Schedule Roof Maintenance

Australian weather is unpredictable. Today is a clear sky, and you wake up to a downpour the next morning. Sometimes, it might rain so suddenly and powerfully that you fear your house will fall off.

Even if your house does not tumble down in the rain, your roof is prone to damage, leading to leaks. A leaky roof is a major issue causing havoc everywhere it happens. It will not only further damage your roof but also create a mess in your house by creating puddles.

Sometimes, the leaks are not even noticeable and are tucked away in the attic. Such leaks are even more dangerous. They will silently damage your roof to the point that you will need roof replacement Melbourne.

7 risks of a leaky roof

1. Mould and mildew

When the roof develops leaks, it builds up moisture content too. A damp roof is a perfect habitat for mould and mildew, and everyone knows about the health hazards they cause.

Furthermore, mould and mildew can pollute the air if your facility has HVAC systems. This results in skin issues, asthma, feeble immunity, and allergies in people. Also, the problem might get worse and call for roof replacement Melbourne.

2. Damaged ceilings and attics

As soon as your roof leaks, water finds its way into the ceiling and then into your attic. This results in damaged goods in the attic and staining and darkening of the ceiling.

3. Fire hazards

If your ceiling and attic have electrical wires, a leaking roof can short out wires and pose a serious fire hazard. Also, roof leaks impact your solar roof vents. So, ensure to turn off the power if you have a leaky roof and call roofing contractors.

Moreover, open wires also put forward the risk of electric shocks. So, even if your electrical system is not damaged, it is best to be safe and get your roof repaired.

4. Rotting frames

Intruding water will eventually find its way to your home’s framing. This will cause the wood to rot and compromise the frame’s integrity.

Moreover, the wood used in a house’s interior is not thoroughly treated as outdoor wood. Hence, such wood is more prone to damage from leaking roofs. So, look for signs like ceiling spots or drips, which indicates that water has already entered your home’s framing.

A roof leak does not stop at frame rotting. It causes other structural problems like the following and necessitates roof replacement Melbourne:

  • Damages roof decking
  • Rot in ceiling joists
  • Decaying support beams and posts
  • Roof collapse

5. Sagging drywall

Even if drywall is strong and durable, water exposure weakens it. It can prompt the drywall inside the facility to sag and go to rack and ruin.

This can regulate mould growth and negatively affect structural integrity.

6. Slip hazards

Water that has penetrated ceilings and the attic will now stream down on the floor. This happens because you disregarded the initial indications and let the roof stay just like that.

A leaky roof had caused multiple threats like wall and ceiling damage, fire hazard, mould, and now a slippery floor too.

7. Jeopardised structure

No matter how strong your home or solar roof vent is, they are prone to water damage that entails rotting. A tiny hole in your roof allows a small amount of water inside; this small damage can transform into major structural damage.

All the leaking water can go down to the foundation levels and start an unstoppable rot. The target area of roof leaks includes the following:

  • Plaster and paint on walls
  • Insulation · Fascia boards
  • Wall framing
  • Furniture
  • Rafters and ceiling joists
  • Ceiling fans and lights

So, how can we prevent roof leaks and the damage that comes along? What can we do to maintain the structural integrity of our roofs? We must not be like most homeowners, who install and forget their roofs. They fail to understand that roof maintenance is significant to avoid colossal repair costs.

Why is regular roof maintenance essential?

1. Prevent leaks

An adequately maintained roof will help you cut back on repairing prices and enhance your well-being. The most common places of roof leaks are broken masonry, cracks in chimneys, sealant joints, deteriorated mortar, and skylights.

However, you cannot notice every leak but can address them early through roof maintenance.

2. Improve the roof’s lifespan

Even if roofs are meant to last longer, they are not invincible. However, you can prolong their lives with regular roof maintenance. Turn a blind eye to minor issues, and you will need roof replacement Melbourne.

So, you should call roofing contractors twice yearly for inspection and maintenance.

3. Save money

You might wonder how roof maintenance saves money if you already pay for maintenance yearly. However, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

This is because the price of maintenance and repairs is less when done early but increases with the intensity of the problem. So, you save money by avoiding major repairs and early roof replacement Melbourne.

4. Maintain property value

Of course, you want to keep your building’s roof in good shape if you want to improve your property’s curb appeal and value.

Working with a qualified roofing contractor can help maintain the outside of your building looking excellent for many years.

5. Fend off health problems

Roof leaks can offer ideal circumstances for mildew and mould growth. It can develop and spread swiftly and unnoticedly, creating health concerns.

Mould spores can spread throughout your home and become airborne. Mould pollution can endanger the entire family’s health. However, inspection and maintenance after the rainy season ensure that your roof is fresh, strong, and mould-free.

6. Gain peace of mind

Nothing beats being at peace, which is what accurate and proper roof inspection and maintenance can do for you.

Regular roof maintenance allows you to rest assured and believe your roof is in good condition. Also, it ensures that your roof has no leaks or mould build-up. Moreover, if there are any minor problems, they are rectified immediately, saving you from roof replacement Melbourne.

7. Avoid critters

Critters are attracted to degenerating roof areas and tend to increase the damage. You can avoid critters in the following ways:

  • Keep trash containers sealed
  • If possible, keep trash cans away from your home
  • Use bright lights to frighten away critters
  • Correctly insulate your home to keep critters away
  • Regularly undergo roof maintenance to keep your roof intact and keep critters away
  • Cracked shingles, damaged flashing, dirty chimneys, etc., entice critters. So, fix these issues

What do regular roof maintenance tasks include?

A professional roofer completes the following tasks annually to keep your roof healthy. However, maintenance tasks largely depend on the condition of your roof.

  • Inspect the roof for peelings, stains, or missing shingles
  • Examine pipe boots for damage or cracks
  • Investigate evidence of animals or pests
  • Take off debris from the roof and gutters
  • Ensure that roof ventilation is working accurately
  • Examine caulking and flashing for leaks
  • Check and clean the chimney

The bottom line!

What divides a leaking, expensive, eyesore roof from an attractive, protective barrier? Regular roof maintenance.

Even if it is next to impossible to notice every leak, addressing them is extremely crucial. This can only be done by professional roof maintenance. Moreover, if roofers find that your roof is long past its productive life, they will suggest roof replacement Melbourne.

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