11 Important Questions You Ask When Hiring Reroofing Contractor

Are you noticing water leaking from your roof? If so, re roofing or roof replacement might be an ideal procedure required to maintain the health of your home. It is a critical procedure that requires professional assistance for the best services. 

No matter how eager you are to do it independently, hiring reroofing contractors with the necessary expertise and experience does the job well. 

Before hiring, you must ask them several questions to ensure they are the right fit. This article features the top 11 questions you must ask when hiring the best roofing contractor. Let’s dive in!

Top 11 Questions To Ask From Your Roofing Contractors

What kind of work do you do?

Although it may sound obvious, it is vital to ask your roofing contractor what kind of work they do or what they are experts in. 

Since you want to improve the overall health of your roof, you must hire a contractor who is a roofing expert and understands all involved complexities. 

Since your home’s roof is an integral part of the entire house, you need to protect it against mould, mildew, and moisture. Basic roofing knowledge is not enough; ensure your potential contractor has a certain level of experience in roof installation.

Are you insured and licensed? 

Hiring an insured and licensed roofing contractor should be your first few priorities while looking for the best reroofing contractors to fix your roof. It ensures that the project will be done by following all the rules and regulations while protecting the interest of everyone. 

Additionally, several risks are associated with working with uninsured or unlicensed people. It eliminates any such risk factors. Make sure you hire a roofing contractor who belongs to a reputable firm and check all documents before kick-starting the work process. 

For how long have you been in the same business? 

While hiring, you must know how long your roofing contractor is doing this job. Since their experience plays a vital role in determining how good they are at their work, it is a must-ask question before finalising. 

You would want to know how many successful projects they have completed and the overall process they go with during roof repair. 

Can you send your work portfolio? 

A reliable and good roofing contractor will have their work portfolio handy, and they will give it to you to understand their past work, overall functioning and results. 

Generally, this portfolio contains the most loved and appreciated work the roofing contractors do. When reviewing the portfolio, ensure you look at similar projects as yours. You can also ask for the details of their past clients and talk to them for a truthful and unbiased review. 

What roofing material do you use and specialise in? 

Asking your roofing contractor what roofing material they will use or specialise in is vital. If you’ve any roofing material in mind, discuss the same with the reroofing contractors.

Asking them what they specialise in also gives you an insight into their experience and work. 

Are your workers full-time employees or subcontractors? 

Another most-asked question you should ask while hiring is if your roofing contractor workers are full-time employees or subcontractors. 

Generally, it is seen that the full employees work well as compared to subcontractors. However, it also depends on the agency’s work environment and the person’s experience. 

 Since roofing contractors set a standard of service that needs to be met every time, they keep you informed at every stage. 

How are you different from other roofing contractors?   

Not all reroofing contractors are the best! Thus, asking your contractor what makes them better than others is essential to analyse the key factors that have helped them gain this reputation in the market. 

You should hire a roofing contractor who is open and honest about the pricing, conducts fast and clear communication and has a high level of craftsmanship and working standards.

What are the potential causes of roof leaking? 

While hiring, asking your roofing contractors what the potential causes of roof leaking are is critical to prevent them from going further. 

Some of the most common reasons for roof leaking include holes in the roof, as they become an entry point for the water and allow it to seep and drip.

Missing, damaged, or broken shingles, Not cleaning your gutters regularly; flashing is a commonly used metal that protects your roofs from getting damaged or starting to leak. 

However, any damage in the flashing is a potential reason for the leaking roof and more. 

What if I am not satisfied with your services? 

Once you have chosen a highly renowned and reputed roofing contractor, the chances are negligible that you will not be satisfied with their work. 

At times, the final results may not satisfy you; in such cases, your new roof Melbourne contractor must take the responsibility to complete the job correctly and ensure 100% satisfaction. 

Will my roof be entirely replaced or re-prepared? 

Reroofing is one of the fastest and cheapest ways you can protect your home or other property from falling apart. In case the condition of your roof is extremely bad, it may require replacement, or else it can be re-prepared. 

Visible signs of damage like broken tiles, sagging or rotting are the symptoms that your roof needs to be redone. 

You must ask this question to your roofing contractor as it helps you set a standard budget and plan accordingly. 

How do you use the refuse material? 

Once the roofing work is done, the worst thing you want is the yard filled with refuse material, debris and junk. Ask your roofing contractor what they do with the refuse material to ensure everything gets disposed of correctly.

Wrapping Up 

Hiring the best roofing contractor is one of the most critical decisions for the well-being of your home. 

People generally hire a re-roofing contractor in case there are signs of leaks from the roof, sagging, brittle walls and others. 

In such conditions, you must hire a contractor soon to restore or install a new roof Melbourne. Before hiring, ask these most critical questions to get the best results possible at an affordable price. 

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