Causes of Leaking Roof & How Reroofing Can Help?

A leaking roof is every homeowner’s biggest nightmare. The roof is an integral part of your home. And water seeping or dripping can hamper its foundation. Before getting into its repair, identifying its causes is vital to prevent roof leaks.

If you want to prevent roof leaking or are already facing this issue and looking for a solution, we have you covered. This article will list the top causes of leaking roofs and how roof replacement Melbourne can be beneficial. Let’s dive in! 

6 Major Causes of Leaking Roof 

Roof leaks typically occur due to damage to the roof. Here are the common causes of leaking roofs: 

Holes or Gaps in the Roof 

Holes in the roof are the most common cause of leaking roof as it becomes an entry point for the water and allows it to seep and drip. 

Often, people believe these holes are visible to the naked eye. However, these holes are incredibly tiny and caused by pests or birds who claw or peck at the roof. 

Holes can also occur when you lift objects like an old antenna or satellite from the roof, leaving behind holes. 

Missing or Damaged Tiles

Missing, damaged, or broken tiles are another common reason for leaking roofs, as they protect your roof from any damage and allow the water to go into the gutters without collecting on the roof. 

If they are damaged or compromised in any way, it results in leaks. These are generally damaged because of debris or strong winds. 

If your roof tiles are significantly damaged your house may require a roof replacement or new roof installation. 

Gutter Issues

Not cleaning your gutters regularly contributes largely to leaking roofs as gutters contain build-up leaves, debris and sticks. 

Without proper cleaning, the water stops flowing from the roof to the gutters. As a result, it accumulates on the roof and causes leaks. It is recommended to thoroughly clean gutters at least 3-4 times a year. 

Old Age

Like every other thing in the world, roofs also have their age! Eventually, they need to be changed because of continuous wear and tear; otherwise, they may leak roofs. 

The period also depends on the material used to make the roof. If it is good quality, it can last up to 20 to 30 years. 

As the roof age increases, it becomes weak and brittle; thus, it starts deteriorating. Timely roof replacement Melbourne is critical not just for aesthetics  but for safety as well. 

Damage to Flashing 

Flashing is a commonly used metal that protects your roofs from getting damaged or starting to leak. However, any damage in the flashing is a potential reason for the leaking roof. 

If the flashing is not installed correctly, it gives space for water to enter your roof and cause damage over the period. 

Roof Slope Issues

A flat or a shallow roof slope is another common cause of leaking roofs. 

Since the slope plays a significant role in eliminating water accumulation on the roof, the water gets collected and pools up on the roof if the slope is not right. It eventually results in leaking roofs. 

What is Reroofing?  

In simple terms, reroofing replaces an old and worn-out roof with a new one. It includes layering new tiles on the existing ones, removing the old roofing material and inspecting the roof deck. 

The primary aim of reroofing is protecting your roof and the entire building from leaking, Breitling or falling off due to harsh environmental conditions or other elements. Through reroofing, you increase your property’s life and eventually save thousands of dollars. 

It is a much more cost effective solution for severely damaged roofs if new roof installation isn’t possible. 

Benefits of Reroofing  

Here are the top benefits of getting reroofing: 

Improves Property Look And Value

A new roof significantly improves your property’s appearance, ultimately increasing its value. So, whenever you plan to sell your property, it will attract potential buyers and give you excellent overall property value. 

Reroofing is an Affordable Option 

Reroofing does not include removing an existing structure; it is an affordable option that costs almost 50% less than replacing the entire roof. 

If you have home insurance coverage, the cost becomes even less, ensuring you can get the best services at affordable prices. 

Provides Long-term Savings 

Reroofing is done to prevent any future leaks, holes or damages that can result in leaking roofs or contribute to major hazardous events like falling off the roof. This reduces the overall cost and protects your well-being. 

Improved Safety 

Aged roofs often contain structural damages, which are hard to determine, especially through the naked eye. 

These damages can compromise the overall safety of your home and promote falls. During the reroofing procedure, a thorough inspection is conducted to repair all underlying problems like holes, leaves and others for a more secure and safe living environment. 

Gives You Peace Of Mind 

Since your roof is professionally tested and treated, no more underlying problems can cause personal or physical damage. It gives you complete peace of mind! 

Why Consider Reroofing? 

  • Reroofing is one of the fastest and cheapest ways you can protect your home or other property from falling apart. 
  • As the property ages, its roof starts to show signs of wear and tear, and that’s when it is recommended to go for reroofing. 
  • In case you experience any kind of water sweeping or leaking from the roof, there is damage to your roof, and reroofing is considered. 
  • Visible signs of damage like broken shingles, sagging or rotting are the symptoms that your roof needs redone. 
  • Through reroofing, it is easier to enhance the looks and aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the disadvantages of getting reroofing? 

Some disadvantage of getting reroofing is they last for a shorter period when compared to roof replacement Melbourne. Additionally, reroofing is not an ideal option for existing metal roofs.

What is the average cost of reroofing? 

The average cost of reroofing is somewhere between $5,700 to $12,500. 

Wrapping Up!

Leaking roofs are common, especially if your property is too old. If you notice leaks from the roof, sagging, brittleness or other issues, you can get a new roof installation by professional assistance. 

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