6 Red Flags to Watch When Hiring Reroofing Contractors

After the storm, pounding rainfall, or heavy snowfall, neighbourhoods in Melbourne are typically flooded with roofing salespeople and flyers trying to establish their business in one of the few states with no state licensing requirements for roofing companies. 

You should know that there are good roofers, bad contractors, and roofers who fall somewhere in between in the roofing industry. Homeowners often find it daunting to research and choose roofing contractors themselves. 

You might be tempted to opt for the least expensive option. But when hiring roofers, you often get what you pay for. Instead, working with skilled and trustworthy roofing or reroofing contractors is always best for optimal results. 

So, how can you weed out good roofers from bad ones? To help, this article compiles a list of six red flags you need to be aware of when hiring roofing contractors.

What are the warning indicators to know before hiring a reroofing contractor?

They are not Local

When looking for roofing contractors, you must consider whether they are local. 

Out of the town, roofers are usually storm chasers. They show up when a weather-related event, such as storms, heavy rains, hurricanes, etc, hits a particular area. 

Such roofers’ work the storm’ or other weather-related events and immediately leave the town, making them unable or unwilling to service any warranty they promised you before commencing the roofing project. 

In addition, storm chasers don’t have any proper license to work in specific areas or expertise. They jump into an opportunity to earn extra money before leaving the town. 

It will help avoid storm chasers and, instead, look for local roofing or reroofing contractors known for their work quality. Moreover, these roofers can immediately come back to fix any issue with your roof. 

Working with local contractors also ensures they know the local building codes and regulations and provide services accordingly. 

They are not Licensed or Insured

Working with a licensed and insured roofing professional is always beneficial as it protects your home and roofers working on the project from unforeseen accidents or damages. 

A good rule of thumb is to ask the shortlisted roofing contractor for proof of licensing and insurance before signing any contract. It will help you know whether the contractor is professionally trained and complies with the local building codes. 

Moreover, see to it the reroofing contractor’s license is up-to-date, and the insurance policy covers any damages to your property or home that might take place during the roofing project.

They Don’t Have Portfolio or References

When living in an area prone to hot and unpredictable weather, you might have to deal with roofing contractors trying to take advantage of many roofs that need repair or replacement. Such areas tend to see many ‘fly-by-night’ roofing contractors who try to make quick cash by hawking on vulnerable customers. 

A major red flag for such roofers is that they don’t have any past work. Shady roofing companies will not supply any portfolio or references and will simply stop responding. 

You should know that reputable roofing and reroofing contractors always have a portfolio and references from their prior jobs. The contractors who are proud of their skills and work will have no problem giving you photos and videos of completed roofing projects. 

In addition, they will non-hesitantly share a list of references for you to know more about their work. 

Roofing Contractors Asking for Money Upfront

If a roofer asks for money upfront, it could potentially be a red flag. Scammers often target older people by getting partial or full payment upfront and never completing the work or returning the money.

In such cases, demanding partial payment upfront is not the cause of concern, as roofers need some money to purchase the materials required to complete the job. 

However, if a roofing contractor asks for full payment before doing any work, it is generally a cause for alarm. In such a case, you should look for another roofer and not give full payment or insurance checks to any roofing contractor. 

They are not Transparent About Pricing

When working with roof contractors, ensure they are transparent about their pricing. A roofing contractor avoiding giving you the price estimate before working on the roofing project is a major red flag. 

You need to be able to trust that you are getting the best value for your money and that the roofer is not taking advantage of you. 

A trustworthy contractor will always provide you with an estimate for installing a new roof Melbourne, including materials, labour costs, and taxes. 

In addition, they will be ready to answer any questions you have about the cost of your roofing project. If your contractor can’t provide these details, you should look for another roofer.

In addition, before signing the contract, watch out for hidden fees or charges.

They Pressure You to Sign the Dotted Line

Most roofing contractors ask their clients to sign the contract for any roofing job. However, a reliable roofing contractor will know that making a significant repair or replacement purchase takes time. 

A homeowner will need time and space to research, create a budget, and plan for the expenses. Understandable roofing companies will always give their potential clients the room to determine whether or not you want to work with them. 

It’s why any roofing contractor vehemently pressuring you to move forward and sign on the dotted line can be a significant red flag. 

Moreover, a roofing contractor should always be willing to answer your queries honestly regarding the project. Consider it a red flag if a contractor ignores your questions or goes silent when you ask too many questions. 

Concluding Words

When you hire a roofing company to install a new roof Melbourne or repair the old one, consider the above-discussed red flags. 

Always look for local roofing contractors who can best repair or replace your roof, depending on local building codes or weather conditions. 

In addition, they will have a reputation to hold throughout the local area and, thus, provide the best possible services. You should avoid storm chasers or anyone not having a license or insurance and ask for the payment upfront.

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