Do’s and Don’ts of Roof Replacement in Melbourne

A roof replacement is one of the prominent undertakings for every homeowner in Melbourne. While you are excited to get a new roof, managing the entire roof replacement project can also be a bit stressful. 

During the roof replacement Melbourne project, when you pay attention to the details or factors that seem insignificant, you will realise the enormous role they could play. 

Moreover, you might have endless questions in your mind right now. How do you hire the right roofing company or choose the best materials? What precautions you should take? 

Having all these questions is normal as it implies you are concerned about your roof and your family’s health and safety. In this article, we have compiled some dos and don’ts for efficient and safe roof replacement in Melbourne.

Dos and Don’ts of Roofing Contractors

Do check roofing contractors’ reputation and license

The most effective way to know about the professionalism and reliability of roofing contractor is to check their reputation and license. You should know that reputation and experience go hand in hand. 

The more the shortlisted roofer is experienced, the more goodwill he will have in the market. So, know for how long your roofing contractor is in the business. 

In addition, they should have a license to work as professional roofers as it proves that they are trained and skilled in their job. 

Do check roofing contractor references

Another way to know more about your roofing contractor is to learn what past clients say. Consider reading online reviews and requesting customer testimonials from roofers to understand how efficiently and quickly they completed roof replacement Melbourne projects for their past clients.

Do request a detailed estimate

You should request a detailed and written estimate that includes materials, labour, and time. It will help you know what you are paying for. 

In addition, the estimate should outline the project’s start and finish date. 

Don’t hire a contractor who takes shortcuts

Some roofing contractors try to attract clients by lowering costs by cutting corners on material expenses. 

You might be tempted to save money or time installing roofing tiles, flashing, ventilation systems, or sealants. But in the long run, you might end up paying more because your home might soon require a new facia, decking, or even another roof. 

Dos and Don’ts of Roofing Materials

Do consider different roofing materials

You don’t have to opt for the same roofing material when considering replacing your roof. Instead, you can consult your roofing contractor for the best material options, depending on your region and budget.

Do check durability, lifespan, and wind and fire ratings

Before choosing any roofing material, you should always check for its durability, lifespan, wind, and fire ratings. Although not all roofing materials have ratings, you should choose the ones with wind and fire resistance ratings. 

Do select a desirable look

When opting for a new roof installation, you can expect it to last 20 to 50 years. So, picking the roofing materials is vital to maximise your home’s curb appeal for this timeframe. Consider discussing roof colour and style options with your roofing contractor.

Don’t go against the government regulations

Before purchasing any roofing material, make sure to cross-check with local regulations. Some sustainability guidelines don’t allow homeowners to use certain roofing materials, colours, or styles. 

You will not want to install an expensive new roof only to discover that it’s not allowed by the existing housing regulations.

Don’t add layers without checking structural integrity

If you want to install multi-layer roofing, consider testing your home’s and roof’s structural integrity, as added layers will add a significant load. 

Dos and Don’ts of Roofing Project Preparation

Do prepare your home

You should ensure your home is ready for the magnitude of the roof replacement project. Now that an entire team of professional roofers will be working on your roof, you should be prepared for your roof shaking or a slight vibration inside your house.

So, it’s recommended to remove the photos or décor items from your walls and secure other fragile belongings before the roof replacement project starts.

Do Protect Your Yard

Roofers might throw the old or damaged roofing tiles down from your roof to your yard. So, make sure to protect your yard from potential damage. 

Most roof replacement Melbourne professionals will protect plants and shrubberies with tarps. However, if your roofers don’t provide this service, you must take care of the same yourself. 

Don’t allow children and pets to play near the work site

You must ensure your kids and pets stay away from the work site during the roof replacement project. Roof materials thrown from your roof and loose nails in the yard can injure your children and pets. 

Dos and Don’ts of Roofing Work Inspection

Do make sure roofing materials are what you paid for

When roofing materials are delivered to the job site, inspect them to ensure that they are what you chose and are new and of high quality, as you requested. You must confirm that you are getting the roofing materials you paid for.

Do insist on safety

You must check whether the chosen roofing contractors follow the necessary safety regulations to ensure your roof, home’s, and family’s safety.

Don’t allow ventilation to be blocked

Sometimes, roofers mistakenly block the roof’s ventilation system during the roof replacement project. 

It can cause problems in the long run, such as a humid indoor environment, ice damming, or overheated tiles, which could affect your roof’s lifespan and your family’s health. 

To sum up it all!

Ensuring the safety and longevity of your home depends on your ability to recognise warning signs of damaged or falling roofs. 

If your roof has leaks and missing or damaged tiles, there are dark spots on the ceiling, or the roof is sagged, they are the signs your roof needs replacement. Understandably, roof replacement is a difficult project.

Following the above dos and don’ts can make completing the new roof installation project easier and safer. A well-executed roof replacement project will protect your home from the elements and boost its appeal. 

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