Why Consider Energy Efficiency During New Roof Installation?

Why Consider Energy Efficiency During New Roof Installation?

Roofs keep you and your home dry. But they do more than that! Getting a new roof installation can actually lower their energy costs.

Ever feel like your house swallows energy? Your roof might be the culprit! This article will equip you with the knowledge to choose a roof that turns your home into an energy-saving machine.

What is Energy Efficiency in Roofing?

Imagine a roof that practically lets your house wear a sweater in winter and swimsuit in summer! That’s the power of energy-efficient roofing. It keeps your home comfortable without blasting the AC or cranking the heat

Thus, an energy-efficient new roof installation can save you money on bills. So, when you chat with your contractor ensure to ask about energy-efficiency options.

 A good energy-efficient roof acts like a snug blanket. 

  • It keeps the warmth inside when it’s chilly out. 
  • And it blocks out excess heat when it’s scorching.

This means your home stays comfortable all year round. You don’y have to rely too much on heating or cooling systems. 

And that’s not just good news for your wallet! It’s also a win for the environment since 

  • you’re using less energy and 
  • cutting down on your carbon footprint.

To ensure your roof is energy efficient, hire roofing specialists during roof replacement Melbourne.

What Makes a Roof Energy Efficient?

Did you ever realize your roof can turn into a giant hot plate in the summer?”

  • That’s because dark roofs absorb sunlight. They function like heat magnets
  • The roof then transfers that warmth into your attic and, eventually, your living spaces.
  • Insulation can help lessen this heat transfer. But a roof that’s soaking up sunlight will still warm up your attic. 
  • And when your attic gets too hot, your cooling system has to work overtime.

Planning a new roof installation? A new roof with energy-efficient features can give your home a major upgrade. It can help you win the battle against high bills.

There are several key factors to consider if you want to keep your home cooler by preventing heat from your roof:

Solar reflectance. 

  • This rating shows how well the roof bounces the heat back instead of soaking it up.
  • Opt for a roof with a high SI index to keep your home cooler
  • Studies suggest that even a small increase in this index can lead to significant savings on cooling costs.

Dark roofs absorbs more heat, while lighter ones reflect it better. During Roof Replacement Melbourne , you can even get a special coating to boost your roof’s reflectivity.


Good ventilation in your attic helps whisk away heat before it seeps into your home’s lower levels.

During roof restoration, it’s worth consulting your roofing contractor about improving the ventilation of your attic. 

Keeping that heat out of your living spaces can make a big difference in how hard your AC has to work to keep you cool.

Why Should You Consider Energy-Efficient Roofs During New Roof Installation?

Investing in an energy-efficient roof brings a host of perks for homeowners. Let’s break down some of the top advantages:

Lower Energy Bills

One of the biggest pluses of an energy-efficient roof is that it can slash your energy costs. These roofs naturally cool down your home by 

  • reflecting sunlight 
  • preventing excessive heat absorption

It reduces the need for heavy air conditioning. That means with energy-efficient new roof installation, you can enjoy

  • less energy usage and 
  • more savings on your monthly bills.

Enhanced Comfort

An energy-efficient roof can seriously boost the comfort level of your home. It can help 

  • curb the heat transfer and 
  • keep temperature swings to a minimum

Therefore, these roofs create a more stable and pleasant indoor atmosphere. 

Whether it’s scorching hot or freezing outside, an energy-efficient roof acts as a reliable insulator. It ensures year-round comfort.

Environmental Friendliness

Opting for an energy-efficient roof isn’t just good for your home. It’s a win for the planet, too. With your roof, you can cut down on energy consumption.

Thus, you’re doing your part to promote sustainability. Energy-efficient roofs help 

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 
  • ease the strain on power grids and 
  • conserve precious natural resources. 

It’s a small but meaningful step towards a greener future.

Longer Roof Lifespan

Energy-efficient roofs are built to last. These roofs are designed with the best materials that impart superior durability.

These roofs can stand up to 

  • harsh weather conditions, 
  • UV rays, and 
  • other environmental factors. 

So, you need to worry less about repairs or replacements. It saves you both time and money in the long haul. Ensure that you hire only the best roofing specialists for new roof installation.

Boosted Home Value

Thinking of selling your house? An energy-efficient roof is a goldmine for attracting buyers! It shows you care about the environment and saving money. These are big selling points these days.

Why are Tile Roofs More Energy-Efficient?

Tile roofing can really amp up the energy efficiency of your home. Here’s how concrete or clay tiles work their magic:

Thermal Emittance

Thermal emittance is a property that lets certain materials release heat instead of soaking it up like a sponge. When your tile roof basks in direct sunlight, it doesn’t hoard that heat. 

The cement or clay tiles send it right back into the atmosphere. This keeps your home cooler without all that extra warmth seeping inside.

Therefore, during New Roof Installation, consider the thermal emittance of terracotta tiles.

Solar Reflectance

Solar reflectance is a bit like thermal emittance. But it’s about bouncing those sun rays away. It’s linked to the colour of your roof rather than the material.

Darker materials tend to soak up the sun’s rays. While lighter ones reflect them effectively. 

Therefore, during roof restoration, we opt for cement or clay tiles in lighter shades. They’ll reflect more sunlight during the day, naturally cooling down your home.

Individual Tile Installation

Unlike those big sheets of roofing, tile roofs are installed one by one. This creates little pockets of airflow. 

This built-in ventilation system means there’s a buffer zone between 

  • the tiles and 
  • your roof deck

This keeps heat from sneaking into your home. It’s like giving your house its own built-in cooling system.

Wrapping up

The impact of roofs on how energy-efficient our homes are goes beyond just keeping the rain out. 

And as technology keeps evolving, there are even more chances to save energy in innovative ways. Gradually your home’s roof into active players in our homes’ energy systems.

Want a new energy-efficient roof? Connect with our experts at Camberwell Roofing. 

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